• I was a +1 for a child's party. The kids were 8 and under and they loved it! ...I spent a good amount of time in the gift shop, which was awesome! Lots and LOTS of souvenirs at fair prices.

    Joelle Thielland

    Google Local Review, November 2012

  • My 9 year old just loved this place!

    Steven Hall

    Google Local Review, October 2012

  • I have had my sons birthday party there twice now and we are planning another one this year! He loves it and so does his friends and it is MUCH easier on me LOL The staff is very friendly! Highly recommend!!!

    Mary Beth Longerbeam

    Facebook Recommendation, August 2012

  • As an adult, it is easy to laugh at the staged dinosaur battles or the less than artistic quality of some of the models, but any child interested in dinosaurs will absolutely love this place. My 6-year old daughter took me on a tour, telling which dinosaurs were vegetarians and which were meat eaters and describing each battle in detail. It was a priceless afternoon - and the admission is dirt cheap for what you get. Also, the souvenir shop has more types of toy and stuffed dinosaurs than I have ever seen - including some really nice ones.

    A Google User

    Google Local Review, November 2011

  • Only if your only standard is a sterile Disneyland. This place is a Roadside America classic! I found it a delight, and the proprietors friendly and welcoming. Your kids will love it!

    A Google User

    Google Local Review, November 2009

  • Today, visitors to Dinosaur Land can 'turn back the pages of time' and walk for an afternoon with these wondrous creatures from the past. Since its opening in the mid 1960s, it has provided home 18-20,000 visitors each year with a breathtaking and colossal view of a time which has long fascinated the minds of Americans: the age of the dinosaur. The only one of its kind in the east, Dinosaur Land provides guests with awesomely realistic views of more than 30 exhibits of display. As Virginia's own "Jurassic Park," Dinosaur Land is doing its part to ensure that, although dinosaurs may be extinct, they will never be forgotten.

    Jesssica Cox

    Hampshire Review, Wed. June 23, 1993

  • Dinosaur Land featuring fiberglass replicas of the prehistoric creatures, is a small outdoor park that has delighted children for 26 years. All you have to do is tour the park and discover that the visit is educational. It features about 30 dinosaurs, and each is labeled with information about when it lived, what it ate and other facts. Children can also buy a guidebook that most science teachers would probably endorse.

    Chet Bridger

    Winchester Star, Area, Friday Dec. 7, 1990

  • Unheralded by billboard or advertisement, the park is inhabited by 37 models of the country's most beloved extinct creatures. There are no moving parts among the exhibits, no blinking lights, no videotaped explanations and not rides to bring the park alive—just the fired-up imagination of every child who steps through the brown concrete cave-like entrance. They range in height from 3-30 feet: and some are as long as 90 feet. The newest addition, a bloody Titanosaurus fighting a Tyrannosaurus, was constucted by Mark Kline.

    Dana Priest

    Washington Post Loudoun Weekly, Thurs. June 28, 1990

  • It's an invitation to primeval danks and deeps, swamps and tropical landscapes, filled with the largest, probably most ferocious, creatures ever to stalk the earth or swim her waters... All too seldom do dreams of childhood find fulfillment... However, area residents need not go to great lengths to touch a dream; down at Double Toll Gate, just over the Warren County line on Rt. 340 and 522N. between Front Royal and Winchester lies Dinosaur Land, an enchanted place filled the fences with facts and mystery.

    Donna M. Funk

    Front Royal-Warren Sentinel, Skyline, Wed. July 26, 1989

  • A walk through Dinosaur Land, alone, on a cold fall day can tug at you in a way that is hard to describe. There is something in the swirl of dead leaves around the gaily painted tentacles of a 20 foot fiberglass octopus, something in the defiant gaze of the giant sloth, designed to thrill a crowd... The beasts are not all dinosaurs. Inexplicably, a giant cobra, a 13 ft. tall praying mantis and a 30 ft. tall King Kong are wedged in with the prehistoric models.

    Brad Lemley

    Washington Post Magazine, Dec. 15, 1985

Dinosaur Land is open for the season! Please check our hours of admission.